Douglas Arugello – Asst HS Coach & Former Pro Player

Christian Binford – Former Pro Player

Andy Devitt – Former College Coach

Mike Huller – Former Pro Player

Paul Koch – Head Coach, Rockridge & Former College Coach

Ryder Miconi – Former College Player

Jody Rutherford – Former HS Coach & College Player

Gurjot Singh – Asst HS Coach & Former College Player

Kevin Sisk – Former Pro & College Player

Ryan Smooth – Current College Coach

Garrett St. Laurent – Former College Player

Kyle Wrighte – Asst HS Coach & Former College Player

Mark Wrighte – Head Coach, Freedom HS

Zach Newell – Former College Player

Email: or to request lessons with our staff. In your message, tell us (a) age of athlete, (b) which days of the week are best for lessons, (c) if you are requesting hitting or defensive instruction, and (d) if you want a specific instructor instructing your athlete(s).